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Ermin's Cafe

All food at Ermin’s is prepared in house at the “Old Louisville” location. We do not use any preservatives in the preparation of our food, and our produce and meats are delivered daily in order to offer the freshest products possible. Healthy food and hearty portions make Ermin’s a great spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Ermin's Bread

Bread is baked at “Old Louisville” location in European Ovens imported from Denmark, using forced air and heat to result in a much more wholesome product, eliminating most oils and preservatives. Our bread is very low in sugar content, and has zero fat. Ermin’s Bakery boasts to be one of the few bakieries in Louisville who still bake Artisan style breads, which produces a much better flavor and texture. Our traditional hard crust breads are available as loaves and rolls in flavors of sour dough, country wheat, multigrain, sun-dried tomato, and rye. We also offer “long style” Parisians and Baguettes which are perfect with any meal. We also offer a few different specialty bread items like butter bread (a white, soft, sweet bread), “ultimate” cinnamon bread (cinnamon and sugar swirled bread), as well as other yummy items, all of which are baked fresh daily. Also, wholesale bread orders are available: call 635-6960 for wholesale inquiries.